In the first phase of the design process, the particular task is analysed and the product development goals defined in a briefing. 

With the aid of informative sketches, thoughts and ideas regarding basic concepts are then presented. 

Sketches provide a basis on which to decide which approaches should be pursued further. 

Concept and design draft

This phase encompasses the development of basic solutions which already embody all the product requirements. 

After evaluation and selection, various concepts are identified for the subsequent further development phase. 

Design and rendering

The chosen concepts are presented in the form of detailed visualisations and working models. 

The aim is to enable the development partner to conduct a review and assessment and to decide on the direction the further development should take. 

Detail elaboration

After the reworking of technical and styling details, the optimised design is now defined. 

Construction, followed by tool production, can now begin. 

Design model construction

Either beforehand or at the same time as tool production, prototypes or top models may also be produced. 

These are used for checking functions and to enable an early start to be made to the preparations for advertising the new product. 

This means that the advertising can be optimally prepared. 


3D definition

The geometrical data for various CAD systems is reconciled and made available to the client. 

Tool production is supported and the first finished samples are evaluated. 

The project is accompanied by us right up to the start of final production.