The motivation for the following projects lies, on the one side, in a strong personal interest in scientific matters and a veneration for the beauty of nature, but on the other in a deep attraction towards architecture und, in particular, the challenges associated with designing living spaces for humans under special physical and psychological conditions. 

„In what sphere should we locate the destiny of the world? 

In the celestial realms of cosmic space, on board huge stations orbiting in space, or in the depths of the oceans amidst silent barriers of water? 


In either case this would be a return to our origins, to the sources of matter or the primeval fount of life: and, if this is the case, we would have to conclude that progress in our society has let us back to where we began, although in a different state of awareness." 


Maurizio Vitta 

citation to Palinurus projekt / Architecture magazine l´ARCA, Mailand 

The primary aim of the maritime architecture concepts is to enable the underwater world to be made reasonably accessible to humans, and at the same time sharpen people’s awareness of the aesthetics, uniqueness and dignity of that world. 


An aspect of key importance in the designs is ensuring freedom from barriers. 

As a result, they can be used without the need for special technology and systems, such as diving equipment, and are therefore accessible to people of all ages and in all states of health.