smart basin from a sanitary series for public areas

smart toilet and smart urinal 

Progressive, clear forms characterize the bath fittings of the Sailing II series.

Functionally and clearly designed series of bath accessories such as shelves, towel holders, toilet paper holders and wall hooks.

Elegant standalone bathtub with a raised back for comfortable sitting.

The angle of the newly designed shower head is adjustable and integrates the rain shower and waterfall functions.

The smart toilet offers a wide range of new functions for more hygiene and comfort.

The sensor controlled faucet series for Jomoo impresses with its simple elegance.

The design of the mechanical faucet series Sailing II has a puristic and elegant effect. It combines clearly defined contours with soft roundings.

The innovative urinal for Jomoo offers much more intimacy and hygiene than usual. Attached by 45 ° to the wall this urinal eliminates the need for additional seperation-plates - you only see the back of the person standing next door. An ingenious idea that has been awarded the CHINA GOOD DESIGN AWARD in gold.  

Basin Faucet 


shower system 

standard urinal