Schumanndesign at China International Import Expo

First International Import Expo initiated by President Xi Jinping in May 2017 and  

hosted by NECC-Shanghai in November 2018. 

Dirk Schumann was invited to give a lecture about the cooperation with Chinese companies and the challenge for product development in the future. 

f. l.: Martin Darbyshire (Great Britain) 

Gordon Bruce (United States) 

Dirk Schumann (Deutschland) 

Professor Cai Jun (China) 


Lecture in the Pilot Free Trade Zone in Xiamen

In context with China International Import Expo followed a lecture in the Pilot Free Trade Zone in Xiamen. 


New instantaneous water heater from Stiebel Eltron

Schumanndesign designed two new instantaneous water heaters for STIEBEL ELTRON. These devices consistently continue the previous design line. 

Red Dot "Best of the Best"-Award for "Sailing" Urinal (Jomoo)

The urinal "Sailing" offers much more intimacy and hygiene 

as usual. It´s attached 45 ° to the wall and so eliminates the need for additional partition-walls. 

A perfect cooperation of the sanitary and kitchen manufacturer JOMOO with Dirk Schumann, which was rewarded with one of the highest design awards. 

Lecture about customized mass production

How can individual products be developed in mass production?  

At the invitation of Haier (household appliances and electronics) Dirk Schumann gave a lecture on new concepts. 

Dirk Schumann is a member of the jury of the Shenzhen Global Design Award

The design competition was initiated by the Government of Shenzhen City. 

Stiebel Eltron electrical heater and wall convector

The electrical heaters CK 20 and CON 20 have been redesigned. These products have been successfully established in the market - for 25 years 

cooperation Schumanndesign and JOMOO (China)

JOMOO is a leader in the sanitary industry. The goal of the strategic cooperation between Schumanndesign and JOMOO is to develop innovative products for bathrooms and toilets. 

Dirk Schumann becomes a member of ADP

Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP) is an international association for promoting design interests. It is also the first cross-spectrum design association in Asia with offices in Hong Kong, Sydney, and Amsterdam. 

Dirk Schumann is juror at the Red Dot Concept Award in Singapore

The jury of the Red Dot Concept Award Singapore consists of experts from different design fields. 

To achieve the highest possible quality and fairness, itt evaluates all submissions in open debates and on the basis of numerous evaluation criteria.