Admission to the IAF Committee (International Astronautical Federation)

Dirk Schumann was officially accepted as a new member during the "74th International Astronautical Congress" in Baku (Azerbaijan).

"Terra Lunaris" was awarded the BLT Built Design Award 2023.

Member of CGD Award in Xiamen, China.

Visit the new Jomoo 5G production plant in Nan`An, China.

"Terra Lunaris" project was awarded the New York Product Design Award 2023.

Member of Red Dot Jury 2023 (Essen, Germany) and Red Dot Concept Award (Singapore)

New series of WC actuations "FRAME" for MEPA

The high-quality lacquered frame elements enclose insert elements made of fine ceramic surfaces.

Redesign of the entire product range for IMMERGAS, Italy

The perfectly coordinated design language of the condensing boiler shows a consistent further development for the integration of innovative technologies.