Workshop at DIDI (Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation).

The lectures and workshops on maritime architecture / space architecture were carried out in cooperation with Gulf Craft Yachting (Doha).

Red Dot Museum Live Lecture on "Inspirations from the digital world" (Xiamen, China).

"Terra Lunaris" receives DNA Paris Design Award 2022 , Los Angeles, USA

The Terra Lunaris project won in the Experimental Architecture / Design category. The award ceremony took place on October 20 in Paris.

Member of the Red Dot Design Award Jury, Essen

Creation of a trophy for "Contemporary Good Design Award". Red Dot Design Museum, Xiamen, China

Creation of a trophy for "V-Award". Zhejiang Province, China

Member of the Taipei International Design Award Jury

Schumanndesign at CEO Magazine

Publication at november 2021

Interview with Xiaowei Lin, Vice President of R&D for Jomoo Group